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Deep Tissue Back Massage at Home

Get the Best At-Home Back Massage! Say goodbye to stress and tension. 

Toloko Massage Gun

High-torque motor that delivers deep and powerful strokes.

Up to 6 hours of use on a single charge, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Features 20 speed levels to customize intensity for different muscle groups.

Advanced noise reduction technology ensures minimal disturbance.

Lightweight and designed for easy handling, reducing strain on hands and wrists

Comes with 6 unique heads tailored for specific treatments and muscle groups.

Other Massage Guns


Basic Motor Function. Often with lower torque, leading to less effective muscle penetration.


Standard Battery Life. Typically provides 2-3 hours of use per charge.


Limited Speed Variations. Usually offers 3-5 speed settings, restricting versatility.


Conventional Noise Levels. Can be loud, which may disturb the user and others nearby.


Standard Design. Often heavier and harder to maneuver for prolonged periods.


Fewer Attachment Options. Generally comes with fewer heads, limiting the ability to target different muscles.

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About Toloco

Toloco is a pioneering brand committed to enhancing personal wellness through innovative technology. Specializing in portable and user-friendly products, Toloco focuses on delivering high-quality solutions that integrate seamlessly into daily life. Their range includes state-of-the-art massage guns, eye massagers, and personal cooling devices, each designed with the user’s comfort and convenience in mind.

Toloco products stand out for their effective performance, ergonomic design, and advanced features like quiet operation, adjustable settings, and smart integrations such as Bluetooth connectivity. The brand is dedicated to helping individuals achieve relaxation and recovery, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, Toloco’s versatile offerings ensure that relaxation and comfort are always within reach, making them a trusted choice for consumers worldwide. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes Toloco a leading name in personal wellness products.

10 Replaceable Massage Heads for Customized Therapy

Round Head

Ideal for general use on large muscle groups such as thighs, calves, and back. It provides broad coverage for effective muscle relaxation. 

Flat Head

Versatile and suitable for all body parts, this head delivers a uniform pressure that is great for overall body treatment.

Thumb Head

Perfect for more focused muscle therapy, it mimics the thumb pressure used by massage therapists, excellent for palms and soles.

Air Cushion Head

Designed with a softer touch for sensitive areas and joints, offering a gentle massage that is ideal for pain-sensitive muscles.

Y-Shaped Head

Specifically tailored for limbs, the Y-shaped head is perfect for wrapping around arm and leg muscles for a comprehensive massage.

Bulge Head

Best used for targeting curvy areas such as the abdominal muscles, enhancing circulation and muscle responsiveness.

Shovel Head

An excellent choice for abdominal muscles and lower back, it aids in deep muscle penetration and tension relief.

Fork Head

Specifically designed for neck, spine, and Achilles tendon, it helps in gently navigating around bones and tendons.

Elbow Head

Ideal for targeted pressure on smaller areas like palms and soles, this head offers a focused, deep tissue massage.

Advanced LED Touch Screen

Pressure Indication: Shows real-time feedback on the amount of force applied, ensuring your massage is both safe and effective.

Speed Display: Easily monitor and adjust the speed of the massage gun to suit your needs.

Intuitive Controls: Simple plus and minus buttons allow you to increase or decrease speed effortlessly, with a convenient start/stop button for immediate operation.

Power Display: Keep track of battery life with a clear and visible battery indicator, ensuring you never run out of power unexpectedly.

High-Torque, Super Quiet Motor

Discover unparalleled performance combined with peace of mind with the Toloco massage gun. Engineered with a high-torque motor that ensures deep muscle penetration without the noise, it offers a therapeutic massage experience that is as effective as it is quiet.

Powerful yet Silent: The motor delivers robust power across all speed settings, yet operates within a whisper-quiet range of 40-50dB. This low noise level is comparable to a quiet library, ensuring that your massage experience can be both soothing and undisturbed.

Ideal for Sensitive Environments: Perfect for use in quiet settings, whether you’re looking to relax without waking a sleeping child, or need a calming session in a shared space. The motor’s quiet operation allows for relaxation without the disruptive noise typically associated with high-power devices.

Advanced Technology: Built with cutting-edge technology, the motor not only delivers high performance but also ensures longevity and durability, maintaining its quiet and effective operation through countless sessions.

Heat Eye Massager

The TOLOCO eye massager uses vibration, pressure massage, and a heated compress to relieve eye strain and migraines with just 15 minutes of use per day. It features Bluetooth music connectivity, five massage modes, and a 180° foldable design for easy portability. Ideal for gifting, this eye massager comes with a long battery life and a unique memory function, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for various occasions.

TOLOCO Heat Eye Massager


The Toloco Massage Gun has been a game-changer for my post-workout recovery. Its multiple attachments and speed settings allow for a customized massage that really targets my sore muscles. Plus, it’s surprisingly quiet, making it perfect for relaxing without causing any disturbance.

I’ve been using the Toloco Eye Massager for a few weeks now, and it’s seriously soothing. The heat function feels like a warm towel over my eyes, and the gentle massage helps ease my eye strain after long hours at the computer. The Bluetooth feature is a nice touch, allowing me to listen to calming music during my massage sessions.

This neck fan from Toloco is fantastic for hot days! It’s lightweight, has a long-lasting battery, and provides a powerful breeze. I especially appreciate the hands-free design, which makes it ideal for outdoor activities. Definitely a must-have for anyone looking to stay cool on the go.